Texas Astaxanthin Producer -Commercial Ready For Sale

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Haematococcus pluvialis (HP) for astaxanthin production facility available in Texas.

Seeking partners and investors to bring it to the next level. Have several issued patents and trade secret processes related to harvesting, continuous culture, batch cultures, contamination remediation, and optimization of algae strains for maximum growth.

Outdoor covered tanks of 3,000 and then 20,000 liters, before inoculating into 300,000 liter (75,000 gallon, 1,000 square meter) open ponds, for the final reddening process.

Proven that it can produce significant quantities of cracked cell HP biomass on a low-cost basis, meeting the market specification.  Scalable to commercial quantities

Physical Asset Highlights 1,000 Square feet of HEPA filtered, positive pressure lab space, fully equipped for algae culture  2,000 Square feet of food grade production space, wash down design Refractive Window Dryer 7 acres of land, additional adjacent land available for further expansion 2 complete HP algae culture production trains

Human Capital Highlights World Class team Two algae PhDs with previous HP experience, one from China, the other from India Additional staff with microbiology and biochemical engineering degrees Food, dairy and potable water production experience, many with military discipline.

Technical Asset Highlights Control of locally isolated seed stock

Proven bag culture system to reduce labor Production system backed by operational data. Outdoor aseptic culture, with 2 years of data Outdoor reddening, with 2 years of data. Ability to crack cells

Proven ability to produce 4% astaxanthin HP algae in commercial batches. End-to-end process documentation, SOPs and supporting data. Suppliers and vendors for build-out of additional copies of production trains. 4 issued US Patents, one for temperate control and 3 harvesting patents.

Financial Asset Highlights $15,000,000 tax loss carry-forward Zero debt

For further information contact: barry@nationalalgaeassociation.com

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